Rewards FAQ


    • The Michaels Rewards program is our way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing Michaels. As a member, you’ll earn Rewards on select products and exclusive offers.
    • Because now it pays to shop at Michaels. With this improved Rewards program, we will be offering you weekly Rewards Specials and Bonus Rewards offers.
    • We will also continue to provide you with receipt-free returns (you only need your Rewards phone number/email), a special birthday perk and other special limited-time offers.
    • As a member, you’ll earn Rewards dollars based on certain product purchases or shopping activity:
      • Rewards Specials: Every week we will have Rewards Specials offers on select products throughout the store. We will communicate these offers through the weekly promotional flyer instore, Sunday members-only email and here.
      • Bonus Rewards: Every Sunday, we’ll send you an exclusive Bonus Rewards offer. You’ll need to meet the offer criteria to earn Rewards dollars.
      • Limited-time promotional offers: throughout the program there may be opportunities to earn additional Rewards dollars with promotional offers.
    • There is no fee for membership.
    • To enjoy all the benefits of the program, you must be opted in to receive marketing materials, as offers will be communicated via email. If you opt out of receiving marketing emails, you will continue to receive emails regarding your account and Rewards status, but you will not receive emails communicating Rewards offers. To opt back in, please visit our Contact Us page here.
    • Michaels Rewards program membership is open to individuals at least 18 years of age who are residents of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, and who maintain a valid email address and phone number.
    • Currently, Michaels Rewards is only available in the U.S., but we’re exploring options to bring a similar Rewards program to our Canadian customers soon.
    • No worries. Receipt-free returns make it easy. By providing your Rewards phone number at checkout and when you make a return, our Team Members will be able to look up your purchase and return items without the need for a receipt.
    • If you are making a return and have already earned Rewards dollars for the purchase, those Rewards dollars will be deducted from your Rewards account.
    • If you used a Rewards voucher on your original purchase, and need to make a return, you will be refunded:
      • A new voucher, if the original voucher has not passed its expirations date.
      • Rewards dollars, if the original voucher has passed its expiration date. These Rewards dollars will be added to your Rewards balance. Once your Rewards balance reaches $5, a Rewards vouchers will be issued within 10 days.
    • For more information on how returns work, see our Return Policy here.


    • Sign up with your email address and phone number in store at the register, online at or in the Michaels app. If you are already a Michaels Rewards member before 8/2, no need to sign up again.
    • Besides your email address and phone number, we ask that you provide your first and last names and birthdate when creating your online profile.
    • We only use your phone number for enrollment and to look up your account in store to ensure you earn Rewards on every eligible purchase.
    • You will not be sent any text messages unless you opt in for promotional messaging. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy page here.


    • You’ll be eligible to earn Rewards, in the form of Rewards dollars, on the following:
      • Rewards Specials are special offers related to featured products promoted on a weekly basis. These offers can be found online or in store on flyers and signage.
      • Bonus Rewards are personalized offers based on how you shop. These can be found in your email or on your Rewards account profile page here.
      • Limited-time offers will have specific rules based on that offer.
    • Rewards dollars earned will show up in Rewards member’s account up to 48 hours after the eligible purchase or date of order placement, for online orders.
    • Regular and promotional priced items purchased in U.S. stores or online at are eligible to earn Rewards with these exceptions:
      • Rewards dollars cannot be earned on certain purchases, which include, but may not be limited to, purchases of clearance merchandise and gift cards.
      • At this time, Custom Framing purchases on will not be eligible to earn Rewards dollars.
      • Exclusions include any purchases made before 8/2/20.
    • Rewards dollars have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash.
    • These offers will be shared:
      • through weekly Sunday emails
      • online in your Michaels Rewards account
      • in the Michaels app
      • through in-store signage (ads, flyers, etc.)
    • Some of the Bonus Rewards offers will require the offer to be activated. You can do this by opening your Sunday email and clicking on the “Click to Activate” button, or by going to your Rewards profile page online or in the Michaels app, and clicking on the “Click to Activate” button within the offer. Once your offer is activated, you will be able to use it online or in store.
    • In store: With an eligible Rewards purchase, provide your Rewards phone number, email address or have our Team Member at checkout scan your Rewards barcode from the Michaels app. You can use only one membership account per transaction.
    • Online/App: Make sure you have created a Rewards profile and are logged into your account before checking out.
    • Rewards dollars earned will show up in Rewards member’s account up to 48 hours after the eligible purchase or date of order placement, for online orders. Rewards vouchers are issued within 10 days once you reach your $5 threshold.
    • The maximum Rewards dollars you can earn per day are limited to $150. Specific Michaels Rewards offers may include other caps on the total dollars you may earn per transaction or day (e.g. introductory offer). We also reserve the right to cap overall annual Rewards accumulation.


    • Your Rewards vouchers will be automatically emailed to your Rewards member email address each Friday when you are eligible for a voucher. Rewards vouchers are issued within 10 days once you reach your $5 threshold. These vouchers, when issued, can also be found in your online or app account. Some restrictions and delays may apply.
    • For each $5 in Rewards earned, you’ll receive a $5 Rewards voucher.
    • In store: Provide your Rewards account information and the voucher barcode to the Team Member at checkout.
    • Online: To redeem online, sign into your Michaels account and ensure it is linked to your Rewards account. Once you have placed your items in the “Cart”, click “APPLY” to any eligible voucher and it will be automatically connected to the subtotal of your purchase. Limit five vouchers per online purchase.
    • Please note, vouchers do not apply towards tax, or shipping cost.
    • Once your Rewards voucher has been used, the voucher will be removed from your account.
    • Rewards vouchers can be used on eligible products purchased in U.S. stores or online at
    • Vouchers cannot be used for custom framing purchases on
    • Vouchers cannot be redeemed on the purchase of gift cards.
    • Vouchers cannot be used on tax or shipping cost.
    • You may be notified of additional ineligible products and services.
    • Lost, stolen or expired Rewards vouchers will not be replaced.
    • Rewards vouchers have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash.
    • You must be in good standing in the program at the time of Rewards voucher redemption.
    • When redeeming your voucher, you must provide your Rewards account information along with the voucher barcode/number.
    • Yes. Rewards vouchers can be combined with any eligible coupon or discount. The coupon/discount amount will be taken off the purchase first and then the voucher amount will be applied.
    • Vouchers are valid for 30 days from date of issue. Prior to the voucher’s expiration date, you’ll be able to use your vouchers in multiple transactions until the balance is depleted. For example, if you use a $5 Rewards voucher for a $3 purchase, the remaining $2 will stay on the Rewards voucher until you deplete it on a subsequent purchase(s), but for no longer than 30 days from the date of issuance.
    • Should your account balance fail to reach the $5 threshold for 12 consecutive months, the Rewards dollars in your account balance will expire. For example, if you have $3 in Rewards dollars earned in September of this year, and your Rewards dollars are not converted into a voucher for 12 months, the Rewards dollars will expire and be removed from your account the following year in September.


    • Rewards will typically post to your account within 48 hours after the eligible purchase or date of shipment, for online orders.
    • If a recent purchase does not appear within that time frame or you forget to use your Rewards account, you have 14 days after the date of purchase to visit our Contact Us page here and request that it be added. You must have a Rewards account prior to the date of purchase to request that Rewards dollars be added to your account.
    • You can check your Rewards balance online here, on the Michaels app or through your monthly email statements.
    • You can also check your balance on your in-store receipt for past transactions.
    • Michaels will assign a Rewards account to each member who provides a unique phone number and email address combination. Rewards accounts are for an individual and should not be shared.
    • First, check your spam or Promotions folder within your email.
    • If you still can’t find your Michaels Rewards emails, please visit our Contact Us page here.
    • The first step is to log into your online account and ensure you have linked it to your Michaels Rewards account. Then, you can edit the information on your My Rewards Profile page here. If you are not able to log in please visit our Contact Us page here.
    • Note, updating your Rewards information does not update your Michaels sign in account. You can make those updates here.
    • Rewards will typically post to your account within 48 hours after the eligible purchase or date of order placement, for online orders.
    • If your earned Rewards are not present in your account after this time, please visit our Contact Us page here.
    • During the sign-in process, click the "Forgot your password?" link. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Click “Send”. Then, a new password will be sent to the email address associated with your online account.

For any additional questions related to your Michaels Rewards account or how the program works, please visit our Michaels Rewards Terms & Conditions at or visit our Contact Us page here. The Michaels Rewards program is subject to the full program Terms and Conditions, which you can find here.


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